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Autumn Hunter Art

A Handful of Hope

A Handful of Hope

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At the end of November, I lost my job. I always hoped I’d be able to become a full time artist, but I didn't get the opportunity to make that transition at the "right" time.

I’ve enjoyed my other career, but I also want to be a mom. An artist. An entrepreneur. And all of those things take work, time, money, and endurance. But the rewards are worth it.

The year ahead will be a test of endurance. A year of patience, hard work, and celebrating the little wins. And that’s ok. Because the end result will be amazing.

"A Handful of Hope" is about celebrating hope in an uncertain future 🥂


Mixed Media on 12x16 inch Canvas (1.8 inches deep)

Completed January 2024

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About the artist.

Autumn Hunter, an abstract realism artist from Raleigh, North Carolina, captures the contrast between work and rest in her vivid, textured paintings. Her art encourages contemplation and challenges the ceaseless productivity of modern life, offering a peaceful refuge for introspection.

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