If you're looking for a painting that speaks to you in a deep and personal way, you're in the right place. Working with an artist to create custom artwork is an experience unlike any other.

I'd love to hear from you and see if we'd make a good fit for what you have in mind. Keep in mind that you should request custom artwork from an artist whose style you already like, and avoid approaching the conversation with an overly specific vision. The best custom paintings are a reflection how the artist sees you, guided by your input and preferences. Here are a few important details to get started:

I require a nonrefundable deposit for all commission requests. If you later change your mind, the deposit value can be put toward any item in my shop.

Keep in mind that custom artwork takes longer to produce (1-6 months depending on complexity and demand).

Here are my prices for charcoal/graphite drawings:

  • 9x12": $150
  • 12x18": $300
  • 18x24": $600
  • 22x30": $900

My oil paintings start at $4.50 per square inch. The smallest size available is 12x12" which would be $650. Here are some common sizes and their corresponding prices, but feel free to go as large as you like:

  • 16x20": $1,440
  • 20x30": $2,700
  • 30x30": $4,050

If you would like to move forward and discuss your ideas, contact me using the form below.

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