An unconventional journey.

Autumn Hunter is an abstract realism painter from Raleigh, North Carolina. At eight years old, she took her first oil painting class and fell in love with the medium. As time went on, she discovered she disliked the traditional subjects and realistic style she was taught to paint in, so art became an occasional hobby rather than a committed passion. In college she pursued mathematics, earning a master’s degree in Statistics. A few months after landing her dream job in the field, Autumn realized she felt incomplete without an outlet for her creativity, and was left wondering what might have been if she had chosen an artistic career path. At five months pregnant and working full time, she began the Mastery Program at Milan Art Institute and discovered her love for abstract realism, now immersing herself in her work as a professional painter.


"I’ve always been a highly productive person who works the hardest, strives to be the best, and sacrifices my mental and emotional well-being for the sake of success, because everyone applauds me for it. But why do we promote a lifestyle so unhealthy? My art teaches me how to rest, reflect, and really go deep, and that's what I want for my audience."

- Autumn Hunter

Learning to cut the noise and live in the moment.

Autumn Hunter's art delves into the juxtaposition of work and repose within the context of the American Dream, which extols the virtues of ceaseless productivity and innovation. Her work encourages viewers to seek equilibrium, fostering a practice of profound contemplation and present-moment appreciation while pushing back against the perpetual restlessness ingrained in our culture. The imagery in her creations evokes serenity, relaxation, and introspection, conveyed through intricate textures, vibrant hues, and assertive linework. Autumn Hunter extends an invitation to those who dare to defy societal norms, urging them to immerse themselves in a realm of repose and reflection, a sanctuary from the constant distractions and shallowness of our world.

Autumn Hunter's studio is a space full of creative energy, where she continues to explore the boundaries of her craft. Currently, she is experimenting with the possibilities of collage and texture, learning to push the limits of her style and process. As a mother, she finds inspiration in her family and the pursuit of balance in a busy world. In the coming years, she looks forward to expanding her portfolio and sharing her vision with a broader audience, aiming to challenge societal norms and invite viewers to embrace the beauty of stillness in an ever-accelerating world.